Rachel (iluv2bnaked) wrote in boogie__man,

hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me about something that happened. i don't have the picture scanned, sorry. but i will describe it.

when i was about 4, my aunt died of cancer. my mom and her were very close. a couple days after she died, my mother was looking at a picture of her (my aunt) holding me when i was a baby. she put the picture down on a bureau and asked my aunt to give her a sign she was there and ok. later on, she came back into the room and noticed that on the picture was a white with purple/blue mixed swirl right above me in the picture, that was never there before.

i want to know if any of you think it's possible that this was a "sign" (yeah my mom believes so.. i'm not so sure) or maybe some sort of light from the sun caused the picture's coloring to change. i have no idea, it's never happened before. i've been wondering about this for over 12 years now, and i figured i'd ask. thanks for any input!
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