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Hello Everyone, this is my first post here.

Earlier this summer I became aware of and fascinated by orbs when my cousin and his wife took me to the Stanely Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

One of the reasons we went was that my cousin's wife is very interested in orb photography. Anyway, we each had a camera (two digitals and one film) and we were all walked around taking photos inside and outside the hotel, in daylight and after dark. We all were able to capture photos of orbs, the most plentiful being above the hotel itself after dark.

Since then I've done my own bit of research. I take lots of photos and keep them all organized in dated folders, so I went through them all and picked out the photos with orbs. A few things I noticed were that 1) orbs were very plentiful in photos I took outside about 10 minutes before a thunderstorm 2) orbs were also very plentiful at night directly under high voltage lines and 3) orbs could be found in nearly every photograph of a specific area of my parents' home. I also went on a few orb expeditions in the woods behind our house at night. I found a few pretty good orb web sites. Orbs by Beans has oodles of well documented photos, but I'm not quite comfortable with many of the conclusions they come to. Orb Study takes a serious, scientific approach and their research is ongoing.

So I just don't know. I haven't come to any conclusions about what they are, but I don't think every orb is a water droplet, dust or pollen. What do you guys think? What are your experiences? I read where some people are able to see them with their eyes (no camera flash)!?

I couldn't post this without including some photos so here they are:

This is one taken before a storm. Notice small bright ones on the move.

Above the Stanley Hotel.

On easement below high voltage lines, in woods, at night.

In my parents' home. The original photo is high resolution and I counted 16 total in various sizes and opacities.

Well thanks for reading. Hope to hear what your experiences and opinions are :)
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