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Marilyn Monroe.

As a rule I am pretty skeptical of most ghost encounters, but I joined this community because I took this photo which I thought was "interesting" & I wanted some feedback on it.

A few weeks ago I paid a visit to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Back in the day this was the place to be for the big movie stars. The first Academy Awards were held in the ballroom, Shirley Temple had her first dance lesson on the staircase, & Marilyn Monroe took her first modeling photos on the diving board. Monroe even had her own suite there, with a grand full-length mirror. One day, many years after Monroe's tragic death, a maid was in her former suite cleaning the mirror. Suddenly she noticed the reflection of a blonde woman staring back at her. She turned around to see who it was, but no one was there. The reflection remained for several seconds, then slowly faded. A legend began that this mirror was haunted by the spirit of Marilyn Monroe. Since then there have been several more sightings of Monroe's reflection, & the mirror has since been moved out into the public view. We had to ask a clerk where to find it, but it is up the stairs & across from the gift shop, between the elevators, unmarked.

I like the Monroe legend, so I asked to be alone with the mirror & then snapped this photo from an angle to the left, so as not to catch the reflection of my flash. It was taken on a digital camera. When I looked at the photo on my camera & zoomed in, I noticed something weird, so then I went home & used my computer to adjust the gamma correction. That is the ONLY way in which this photo has been altered, except of course for the size. Under the cut I have posted the original & the gamma-corrected version, plus a closeup of the anomaly.

There is also an orb further down in the photo.

Please tell me what you think. Because this mirror is said to show the reflection of Marilyn Monroe, & I captured what looks to me like blonde hair (like the side of someone's head), I just thought it was particularly interesting.
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