Kerri Peek (daemonhuntrix) wrote in boogie__man,
Kerri Peek

Ghost Hunting

Who wants to do a paranormal investigation into my home? Since I have lived here, I have had the following occur:

1) Shampoo dumped on bathroom floor
2) Shadows of a woman flitting about in corner of eye
3) Woman sitting on couch
4) Woman sitting on my bed and stroking my back (non-threatening)
5) Dog barking at nothing at 0300 every morning
6) Cold spots
7) Doors slamming
8) Missing things
9) Feeling of being "watched"
10) Energy spots/somtimes a general "unease" of being in the presence of something not corporeal
11) Sky and Vi talking about the "old lady" who lives in this apt.

I must stress that at first I thought this was threatening. Now I simply feel that she is here. My daughters can sense her. Jake can sense her (my nephew.) Rick has seen her and felt her.

So if anyone wants to spend the night *wink wink* I am kidding. If anyone wants to investigate just comment here. I live in Denver and you must be bonded with an insurance company.
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